Improving Journalism

Journalism is broken. Many articles contain either no sources or references to external links. Verified by noCap aims to fix this problem by driving down production costs for Journalists and enabling collaboration between them and enabling consumers to access this sort of information and more at the tip of consumers fingertips.

I had a highbar of what I wanted to learn about the web, more specifically to know all the ins and outs of JavaScript but that's not possible. And frankly, I am certainly happy with how much I have learned and what I accomplished, and want to learn and do more.

I also never thought I would write articles, essays, etc. in my life. Especially as a sophmore in high school—so I never took AP English because I thought grammar didn't really matter in the real world unless you are publishing books, essays, articles, etc. However, I turned out to be wrong because I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy programming, reading, designing, building, etc. It's extremely useful resource when you are starting out on your own to have this skillset because its beneficial in SEO and marketing when you are bootstrapped and are capital constrained.

Broadly speaking, English—and language expertise in general—is extremely useful especially in artificial intelligence and projects involving Natural Language Processing. For example, search engines rely on Natural Language Processing to process queries, and sort and rank results. It's a way for users to influence the results without learning how to program, it's really a high level interface for people to access databases and so on. Natural Language processing can be also leveraged in Journalism to lower the production costs and improve experience for content consumers.

noCap is a by product of many of my other ideas. And many of which I want to implement and intertwine with my noCap ambitions. These ideas are possible to be realized/executed thanks to technologies like React Native, Rust, SwiftUI, etc. and especially possible by open source communities.

Sincerely, N

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