Misleading Tweet: #1500255101998432257 by @briantylercohen

Verdict Bias Disclaimer

The opposing tweets do not wholeheartedly represent the true ratio of whether all republicans are in support as there may be republicans who oppose oil drilling and democrats who support oil drilling. Politics are complex and blanket statements such as the tweet we are disputing don't represent the reality.
Pretty funny how these Republicans who suddenly realize the national security risks of our foreign oil dependency are the same people who have worked at every turn to oppose a transition to renewables.

Tweets That Dispute/Invalidate The Above Statement

DOUBLE STANDARD: @JesseBWatters calls out the hypocrisy of limiting oil production in the US while purchasing it from all over the globe. @jesseprimetime
Last night, Biden announced he will once again tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This will only create a temporary sugar high; it is NOT a long-term solution to lowering gas prices & restoring energy independence. We must boost oil production & reopen U.S. pipelines!
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